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The Well Fed Initiative

The Well Fed Initiative engages with schools to provide exceptional food technology programmes, including nutritional education and mindfulness workshops.

Our tailored courses are perfect for all key stages, from primary to university. Eating well is very important to your child’s well-being, especially if they have dietary requirements, allergies or have to make those scary and unexpected life style alterations.

Feast with Friends strongly believes that the use and implementation of culinary skills is important to your child’s development and growth.

Since the Well Fed initiative has been embedded at Springcroft, children and staff have been inspired to develop their knowledge of nutritional and well-being, as well as have fun and develop their creativity.

– Steve Drew, Headmaster. Springcroft Primary, Blythe Bridge

With our exciting tutorials, you can explore ancient civilisations such as Mayan, Egyptian and Roman. Or you can adventure into outer space, step back in time and visit prehistoric cavemen, explore the wonders of Florence Nightingale or even tour the imperative World Wars. You can also partake in our inspired pop-up restaurants and chef-for-the-day experiences.

Workshop Details

Cooking with Feast with Friends means there is no limit to our creative educational courses, our specialised food curriculum workshops are both founded and principled upon our 5 F’s:

  • Fuel: What are we consuming? The nutritional benefits and downfalls.
  • Flex: How and what are we feeding our muscles and minds?
  • Fluid: Our hydration and appetite – are we really hungry or are we following patterns and cycles of boredom?
  • Feast & Find: Psychology and food exploration – by what means are we eating and how are we exploring our taste buds?
  • Fibre: What is the importance of a healthy digestion system?
  • ★ KS1 + EYFS

    Kick start your schools’ culinary interests with curriculum focused activities, including motivational classroom talks and assembly seminars. Initiate founding skill sets with baking, bread-making and delicious salad construction.

    ★ KS2

    Get excited with live chef demonstrations, sensory food exploration, talks, investigative missions, pop-up restaurant experiences and cooking activities; specifically established around current and up-to-date syllabus programmes. 

    ★ KS3

    Discover our wide range of stimulating classroom activities, demonstrations, talks and after school clubs; including meal examinations, and student managed pop up restaurants, cafés and street stalls.

    ★ KS4

    Support FPN students with GCSE practise. Food tech consultations, live kitchen demonstrations and supplementary study tasks.

    ★ KS5

    Be prepared for university life, discover cookery coaching and develop life changing skills. Understand and expand your mind, comprehend the importance of healthy eating and grow your approaches to personal well-being.

    Support your students and book your workshops today on 01782 626 081

    Prices on request. Funded courses available to schools.

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